Beach Jam by Tula Parker + Anna Weatherston

Shortlisted and shown at The Tate Britain as part of the Single Shot (UK Arts Council and Film Council collaboration) showcase, Beach Jam is a short film made by Tula Parker and Anna Weatherston. Its a fun homage to the classic Jean-Luc Goddard's 'Weekend,' with a nod and a wink to 'Thelma and Louise.' Beach Jam is currently showing at The Brighton Museum as part of the 'Experimental Motion' exhibition (October 2016 - June 2017)

"A sample-heavy funk track provides the revving and screeching sound effects for a toy car as it is ‘driven’ along a stretch of sea wall, from the ‘metropolis’ of a snow-shaker past a ‘Weekend’ tail-back of traffic before arriving, in the wheel tracks of Thelma and Louise, at the breaking surf." 

Seafront Walking by Tula Parker (2007)