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Brighton based artist, illustrator and yoga teacher. Tula works in watercolours, ink and pencil, creating silhouettes, continuous line drawings and mixed media work.  Yoga and Art can interconnect, and in her work you will see a moment of stillness, an exploration of line and an appreciation of form. 

Film, music and narrative also influence Tula's work and her short film 'Beach Jam' (with Anna Weatherston) was shortlisted and shown at The Tate Britain as part of the Single Shot showcase (a UK Arts Council and Film Council collaboration) in 2006.  This film went on to be part of the 'Experimental Motion,' exhibition at The Brighton Museum 2016/7,  showcasing experimental Brighton filmmakers from 1896 to the present day. 


2018 - The Art of Yoga - Fleet and Oxford

2017 - The Art of Yoga - Yoga in the Lanes Gallery, Brighton

2016/17 - Experimental Motion - Brighton Museum

2016 - The Art of Yoga - LANO Yoga, Chichester

2014 - LoveLila - YitL Gallery, Brighton

2009 - White Noise Film Festival - Brighton 

2007 - Single Shot UK and International Tour

2008 - Life Drawing group exhibition at Sussex Arts Club 

2006 - Single Shot Showcase at Tate Britain - Beach Jam

1998 - Tanzania Portraits - Fringe Festival Brighton.    


'Beach Jam' by Tula Parker and Anna Weatherston

A sample-heavy funk track provides the revving and screeching sound effects for a toy car as it is 'driven' along a stretch of sea wall, from the metropolis of a show-shaker along the 'Weekend' tail back of traffic, before arriving , in the wheel tracks of Thelma and Louise, at the breaking surf.


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